Jackie was a writer for the Cornell in Rome blog during her semester abroad, as well as a staff writer for the Arts section of the Cornell Daily Sun. In addition, she was an editor for the Cornell Journal of Architecture Issue 9, Mathematics: From the Ideal to the Uncertain.

A few writing samples are linked below, and more can be found by following the links above.

"The Ideal and the Real" -- on the (dis)use of public space in Rome
"Coffee Culture" -- on the American coffee shop and the Italian coffee bar
"The Global Avenue" -- on the universal high fashion street
"Freudian Architecture" -- on Peter Eisenman's lecture at Cornell
"Bjarke Ingels: BIG Poppa" -- on Bjarke Ingels's lecture at Cornell
"Re: Cornell Journal of Architecture" -- on the publication of CJoA
"Dreams of Relativity" -- on Alan Lightman's reading of his memoir